Learn From Scratch!

My video series will teach you everything you'll need to know for the midterms and the final exam. Every topic in your course - both major and minor. It's all covered here in full detail.

  • Taught using RECENT past exams

  • Step-by-step lessons... In clear, simple language

  • Designed specifically for ADMS 2500 in Fall 2020

Students Say:

“I’ve had the pleasure of using Jason’s pre-recorded lectures as a replacement for the actual lectures. His method of teaching and clear explanation were far superior than the professors themselves as Jason would provide you everything you need to know for the tests and exams. Furthermore, the provided past tests are an accurate reflection of what you will be tested on.
The services are worth the cost!”

Matthew Rowe

I have been going to every single lecture this semester and didn't understand anything! Within a few minutes of watching your videos, I actually understood the logic behind the questions and how to solve them. In essence, you are truly a miracle worker! I can not begin to say thank you enough! This should be mandatory for every student, or at least those who aspire to pass. If you ever need a testimonial or if there is anything that I can do to help your site please let me know.
Thanks again, ”